You can add funds to your DSX account using incoming bank transfers.
EUR, GBP, and RUB currencies are supported.
Please note, that you should verify your bank account on DSX prior to make the deposit,

  1. Go to Account - Add funds page
  2. Select Client Money Account account.
  3. After redirection to exchange page select the appropriate currency and functional account. You will be promted to create a new bank deposit template. Follow the guide to help you set up.
  4. Pay attention to the personal Payment reference. If Payment reference is not presented in the bank wire transfer details you funds could not be deposited to your DSX account automatically.

There are no bank transfers receiving fees on DSX, but it is normal practice that you pay fees for sending the transfer to DSX out of your bank.

We support SEPA (or the Single Euro Payments Area) transfers for Euro (EUR) incoming bank transfers.

Deposits in other currencies can be converted to EUR, GBP or RUB using bank rate and applied to the corresponding DSX client account. 

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