At the moment DSX provides its clients with two types of orders: Market and Limit. In that article, we will check out what is the difference and how to place both types at DSX trading platform.

Market order

With that type, you will be placing an order to buy or sell currency immediately according to the current market price. All you need to do is to enter the Volume of the coin you wish to buy or sell in the highlighted field.

Notice that you should enter Volume in the quoted currency (the first one in the currency pair, ex. BTC for BTCUSD pair).
Once you enter a Volume, you can place an order to Buy or Sell a quoted currency. Notice that due to the nature of Market order we cannot guarantee that an order will be filled according to the price you saw before placing an order. Since all orders are filled strictly according to the queue, the price may change before the turn of your order comes

Limit order

That type allows you to specify the price of your deal. For that you choose Limit in the upper right corner of the Trading platform.

Enter the Price and the Volume in corresponding fields. Notice that you always enter a Price in base currency (the second one in a currency pair, ex. USD in BTCUSD pair) and the Volume in a quoted currency (the first one in a currency pair, ex. BTC in BTCUSD pair).
Once you filled in Price and Volume fields, you can choose whether you want to Buy or Sell the quoted currency.
After you click Buy or Sell your order is placed. Until it is filled it will remain active. If you have entered not a very popular price at the moment, your order can be active for a while, but nothing to worry about. Once the market price reaches the level you've entered the order should be filled.

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