DSX provides you not only with the Trading platform but with the Exchange as well. In case you don't want to dive into the whole trading sphere and merely want to convert currencies, Exchange is just what you've been looking for. 

The Exchange form (https://dsx.uk/exchange/) is universal. You can use it to deposit, exchange or withdraw funds.
First of all, let us look through what parts the form consists of.

  1. You can choose the currency on both sides of the Exchange form to either create a transfer of funds (if currencies are the same) or exchange if you choose different ones
  2. Above the thin grey line you should enter the amount you wish to transfer or exchange
  3. Send from and Receive to fields allow you to choose what account you want to debit funds from and to which to credit these

Once you have entered all required information in the form you will be able to click the button in the down right corner to initiate the operation
So you could smoothly navigate through your wallets we have developed several icons for you to understand which one is which quickly:

Indicates the bank account. For the deposit, you can only choose Bank account since that form is needed to access the page with our bank details. You will be able to transfer funds from any of your verified bank accounts later. 

Cryptocurrency wallet. Depending on the currency you've chosen you will be able to choose from cryptocurrency wallets templates you've created for a particular cryptocurrency

ePayments. Once you've linked your verified ePayments account, you will be able to deposit or withdraw to it.

DSX account. You can create several functional accounts at DSX in case you want to have different statements, orders history and balances. For example, if you are using different trading robots, you want to see results of their trading separately to evaluate the efficiency of each. 

That way you can set Exchange form to process any transaction of your choice: currency exchange, deposit or withdrawal. Notice that you can also combine two operations in one: you can exchange and withdraw with only one click. For that, you can set a form as shown in the picture below:

We are now working on adding the feature of performing three actions in one: deposit, exchange and withdrawal. But for now, deposit process cannot be combined with any other action. You need to transfer funds to DSX first, and then you will be able to exchange and withdraw it. 

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