Tether is a cryptocurrency which is backed by an equivalent amount of US Dollars. That allows traders to quickly move an equal amount of fiat (USD) between different exchanges. Bank wires may take up to 5 business days to be received and added to your trading balance. Tether, on the contrary, allows you to move funds in a couple of minutes. That makes trading a way smoother and faster allowing to adjust your trading strategy to a constantly changing conditions.

Tether issues tokens based on both Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains. Notice that DSX only supports Ethereum-based Tether. If your exchange or USDT wallet is based on a Bitcoin blockchain, DSX will not be able to accept or send USDT there.

Why we've chosen Tether based on Ethereum blockchain?
The ERC20 Tether has significantly lower transaction fee and faster confirmation time (30-60 seconds). 

At the moment you can trade following pairs with USDT:


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