At DSX you can divide your balances between several separate Sub-accounts. You will still use the same login to access your account, but inside of that account, you’ll be able to manage an endless number of other additional accounts of your choice. With different Sub-accounts, you’ll get separate balances, trading history and reports.

Who will find it useful?

  • Traders testing different trading bots to see which one is performing better will definitely need several Sub-accounts to keep balances and different trading bots separately.
  • Those who want to keep apart their trading activity and everyday exchanges.
  • Corporate investment firms use different Sub-accounts for different investment portfolios to never mess it up.

How to create one?

Open Balances section in your DSX account.

You will see the name of your current Sub-account right near the Balances header. We’ve highlighted it for you on the screenshot

Click it to see the list of all available Sub-accounts. If you want to create a new one - click the green + (plus sign). Give a name to your new Sub-account.

That’s it. You are good to go.

How to switch between Sub-accounts?

You’ve already learnt to switch between account when on the Balances page. Let’s check the rest of the Personal area where you can face a need to change the current Sub-account.

Total Balance

At the top right corner of every page of the Personal area, there is a Total balance field. It shows your overall balance in the equivalent of a chosen currency. Near it, you can find a name of your current SA. Click the little arrow to open the list of all available SAs to choose from.


On a Dashboard, you can find the information about your DSX account. It also has the same Total Balance box which can also show the overall value of all of your SAs. You can also choose to check a particular account clicking the little arrow


Every report can be built either for all functional accounts or for a particular one. We’ve highlighted the box where you can choose your SA from a list of all available.

Trading platform

You might want to switch between your Sub-accounts while being on a Trading platform. That can be easily done by clicking the name of the current account in the area below the block where the orders are created.

Settings -> API keys

You might need to create API keys for different Sub-accounts. That can easily be done in the Settings section, API keys area. Just click the Account box to choose from the available list of Sub-accounts.

That covers everything about Sub-accounts to get you started. 

In case you’ll have any additional questions, our Support team is always happy to help you.

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