As you will see, there have been some significant changes going on at DSX.

We’ve also changed our name to DSX Global to better reflect the global services we offer to our customers.

Our behind the scenes work is now complete and our brand new platform is available for you to use. To access the new DSX you’ll need to:

  • Visit: and request password restoration by entering your email. This is our new domain. Please do not forget to update your bookmarks.
  • Set up a new password and a new 2FA (but do not hurry to delete an old one just yet).
  • Open Settings of your account and choose Verification tab.
  • Click Get Verified button to confirm that you are the owner of the account and complete the verification.
  • You will need to confirm that you are the owner using your old 2FA or entering the code from the SMS if you haven't previously set up 2FA on DSX.

This is it! You can now continue trading with DSX!
But do not forget to use new deposit cryptocurrency addresses as the old ones are no longer supported!

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