You should register DSX account and pass account verification to start trading on DSX. 

Creating Market order

To create Market order follow steps listed below.

  1. Sign in to your DSX account.
  2. Go to Trade page.
  3. Select necessary currency pair in the list at the left (ex. BTCUSD).
  4. Select Market option in the panel at the top right corner.
  5. Input necessary volume to the Vol. field (ex. 1 BTC).
  6. You can see actual price on Sell/Buy buttons (ex. 918.846/918.946).
  7. Press Buy button to buy selected volume (1 BTC) and spend approx. $918.946.
  8. Or press Sell to sell selected volume (1 BTC) and get approx. $918.846 on your DSX USD account.

DSX Fee Schedule can be found here.

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